Ju-jutsu is the fighting art of the Samurai Warriors of ancient Japan.  This was the unarmed combat fighting art the Samurai used in battle if they lost their weapon or were too close to the enemy to use their weapons effectively.  Ju-jutsu consists of throws, take-downs, joint locking, joint manipulation, off balancing techniques, as well as nerve strikes and pressure point techniques and ground fighting.  It is a highly effective Combat Art and grappling method and an excellent choice for those interested in a good form of self-defense.

Explanation of why there are different spellings of Ju-jutsu, and Jiu-jitsu.

    If you have noticed in various places on our website, there are different spellings for the same style of martial art. This is a conundrum often seen in martial arts schools around the world. 

 The two grappling arts taught at Zingg’s are:

 Toraken-ryu Ju-jutsu         Gracie Jiu-jitsu.

    Both arts teach a variation of the same thing; the unarmed hand-to-hand martial art of the Samurai warrior of olden Japan. The difference in spelling is merely the various ways that the “gentle art” has been translated into English over the years by various groups and styles.  An additional way of spelling it is also "Ju-jitsu", again, just another method of translating the Japanese Kanji into English. Each style has their personal reasons for spelling it their way, and even though all three are different, they are all correct; it just depends on how you translate the Japanese language Kanji characters.

    Mr. Zingg teaches the Toraken-ryu Ju-jutsu of the AKKA, and Mr. Stoika teaches the Gracie Jiu-jitsu program

    Each art continues to spell their art the way they wish, and each will probably tell you the others are wrong.  : )  However, don’t get worried, just go with the flow, no one will notice, and enjoy your training.